Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessories & Parts

The category of accessories and parts is comprised of cable, card reader, charger, digital battery, memory card, screen cleaner and screen protector, video glass and other accessories and parts. There are many types of cameras being manufactured by leading camera manufacturers. Sound waves are categorized into many subcategories such as frequency, wavelength, wave number, amplitude, intensity, speed, and direction. Examples of different types of cameras include view camera, video camera, twin-lens reflex camera, trail camera, toy camera, single-lens reflex camera, rangefinder camera, pocket camera, pinhole camera, movie camera, IP camera, game camera, digital camera and camera phone. Examples of optical disc storage formats are blue-ray disc (manufactured by Sony), CBHD, DVD, and UMD (manufactured by Sony). There are many examples of digital audio broadcasting such as digital audio broadcasting (DAB), HD radio, digital radio mondiale (DRM), and in-band on-channel (IBOC). Audio storage technologies include various audio file formats, digital audio player, digital audio tape (DAT), compact disc (CD), DVD audio, mini-disc, and super audio CD. There are many types of audio file formats including uncompressed audio formats, lossless compressed audio formats, free and open file formats, open file formats and proprietary formats. General dictation formats used in sound recording devices include wax cylinder, gray audograph, soundscriber, dictabelt, compact cassette, mini cassette, microcassette, and digital dictation as well.  


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