Friday, January 21, 2011

Electronic Publications

The category of electronic publications offers many helpful and relevant things such as electronic books, movie, and music and TV series also. Almost all types of traditional media have been now also turned into their electronic versions such as CD-ROM, E-book, electronic journal, online newspaper and online magazine. Examples of new media format are file sharing, podcast, collaborative software and blogs as well. There are a number of online magazine archives such as Yoga Journal, Women's Health, Windows Vista, Veja, Weekly World News, Vegetarian Times, U.S. News & World Report, Time online magazine, The Skeptic, The Economist, Superinteressante, Sports Illustrated, Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, Sapna magazine, Safeword Magazine, Safeword Magazine, Running Times, Runner's World, Prevention Magazine, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Organic Gardening, Newsweek online magazine, New York Magazine, netmag, MVDIT TECH BOOK, Mountain Bike, Mother Jones, Men's Health, Maximum PC, Manner of Man Magazine, Mac Life, Log Home Living/Timber Frame Homes, Log Home Design Ideas, Life, Liberty, Jet, Indianapolis Monthly, House to House Heart to Heart, Harper's Magazine, Grub Street, Green Living Journal Columbia River/PDX, GRAND Magazine, Flecking Records, Ebony, Ebony Jr., Dwell, and D`ÉPATE and Cruise Travel etc. Examples of E-books include Cybook Opus (released by Bookeen), Reader Pocket Edition (released by Sony), Reader Touch Edition (released by Sony), Kindle 2 (released by Amazon), Kindle DX (released by Amazon), Nook (released by Barnes & Noble) and various free online books available at.


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