Friday, January 21, 2011

Audio & Video Parts

The category of audio and video parts comprises many products, small parts and components such as blank record and tape, digital gear and camera bags, earphone and headphone, microphone, remote control, speaker, and TV mount as well. In aforementioned categories, digital gear and camera bags are comprised of other items and accessories such as camera/video bags, CD/DVD player bags and cases, mobile phone bags and cases, mp3 bags and cases, PDA bags and cases, and video game player cases including many other digital gear and camera bags as well. Analog video tape formats include W-VHS (manufactured by JVC), Video 2000 (manufactured by Philips), VHS-C (manufactured by JVC), VHS (manufactured by JVC), VERA, VCR-LP, VCR, U-matic (manufactured by Sony), SVR, S-VHS (manufactured by JVC), Betamax (manufactured by Sony), Betacam, Betacam SP, Ampex, 2" Quadruplex videotape (manufactured by Ampex), 1" Type C videotape (Manufactured by Sony and Ampex), and 1" Type B video tape (Manufactured by Bosch). Examples of digital video tape formats are ProHD (manufactured by JVC), MiniDV, MicroMV, HDV, D-VHS (manufactured by JVC), DV, D-Theater, Digital-S D9 (manufactured by JVC), Digital8 (manufactured by Sony), Digital Betacam (manufactured by Sony), D5 HD, D3, D2 (manufactured by Sony), D1 (manufactured by Sony) and Betacam IMX (manufactured by Sony).

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